TiiCo Auto Tranny Hose Help


Doing a TiiCo conversion in an automatic V'gon? Directions a little lacking? Let me try to explain what I did regarding the coolant hoses for the radiator and tranny cooler. (Pictures to follow)

First I should give a brief overview of the stock setup as far as how it relates to the conversion. 

There are two large radiator pipes/hoses and two smaller tranny cooler hoses. Rad hose 1 (as I'm calling it) goes from the radiator straight back to the engine on the right (passenger) side of the tranny. Rad hose 2 goes from the radiator to the rear of the van, but crosses over the tranny from right to left, then connects to the stock thermostat housing on the left (driver's) side of the tranny.

There are also two tranny cooler hoses that connect to the radiator hoses. Tranny cooler hose 1 goes from the tranny to a large T connection in the radiator hose between the plastic pipe (in the later V'gons) and the "coolant distributor". Tranny cooler hose 2 goes from the tranny into the radiator hose that crosses over the tranny.

The issues to deal with here are the fact that we can't cut a hose in half and use each half to join the plastic pipes to the metal pipes as the directions say to. That won't work with the automatic. The reason is that the hose they say to cut in half is that large T hose between Tranny cooler hose 1 and Rad hose 1. Because of this we need to find a different way to connect the plastic pipes to the metal ones. The second issue is that tranny cooler hose 2 is WAY too short to go where it needs to go.

As soon as I realized what had to be done, I went to a FLAPS (in my case Autozone). I took one of the metal pipes (included in the TiiCo kit) with me. The FLAPS had 5/8" heater hose by the foot and I just purchase about 5' of it (better to have too much than too little). Unfortunately the FLAPS didn't have the larger diameter hose by the foot. What they did have was a whole rack behind the counter with various different molded radiator hoses. I ended up getting a molded hose that was L shaped and the correct diameter to fit snugly over the metal pipe. That L shaped hose had a long enough straight section that I could cut it into two smaller straight pieces to do what I needed.

The next thing I did was cut tranny cooler hose 1 right where it connects to the larger (T) radiator hose 1 and connect it to the smaller hose fitting on the shorter metal pipe. The rest of that T hose was discarded. In its place, to join the the original plastic pipe of Rad hose 1 to the shorter of the two metal pipes, I used one of the short sections cut from the molded radiator hose. That solved everything with Tranny cooler hose 1 and Rad hose 1.

Because Tranny cooler hose 2 was way too short, I used the 5/8" heater hose I bought from the FLAPS. I removed the original hose from the tranny and put one end of the new heater hose on in its place. I then ran the new hose right along side of tranny cooler hose 1 and connected it to the longer metal pipe that replaced the rad hose going over the tranny. Now, both radiator pipes run right next to each other and both tranny cooler hoses run next to each other as well.