TiiCo Exhaust Rebuild


My last attempt at exhaust work for my TiiCo didn't have quite the results I'd hoped. The biggest issue with it was the noise. First off, it didn't help the 4k RPM vibration issue that much, and secondly, due to the size of the muffler used (4" x 22"), it was rather loud above 3300 RPM.

Time for a major reworking of the exhaust. I now have a different cat, and two Magnaflow mufflers. The new mufflers are each slightly shorter than the single one I had previously (18" vs. 22"), but they are bigger in diameter than the previous as well (6" around vs. 4"). I have the mufflers welded together sitting in the position that the muffler and cat were in previously. To accommodate this, I moved the cat around the corner. I also got rid of the rubber mounts for the exhaust and had the mufflers welded to brackets that bolted right to where the rubber mounts attached. This narrowed the RPM band that had the vibration and also reduced it by almost half. Here is the first set of pics.