TiiCo Heater Hose Clarification


Do you have a rear seat heater? If so, I can simplify the instructions a bit.

Here's an excerpt from the instructions under the heading "Modifications to the Vehicle"

>> 9. Pull heater hose routed over gearbox back and shorten by 280mm. Route this pipe straight back just below water pipe extensions.

>> 10. Join the 280 mm section to heater pipe that went straight back and now route this pipe over the gearbox (heater pipes are effectively  swapped around).

It took me 1/2 an hour to understand what they wanted to do in these 2 steps. I eventually found out what to do. I found it easier to go to Autozone and pick up 4 or 5 feet of generic 5/8 heater hose (Autozone has this available by the foot).

The first thing to do is start at the T connections for the rear heater. Disconnect the heater hose that went straight back to the motor, connect one end of your 4-5 length of heater hose to this and run it over the tranny. You'll notice that on the new motor there is a short length of hose coming off the head with a barb connection at the end. Once the engine is installed, cut your 4-5 length of heater hose so that it connects to this barb fitting without too big a loop, but without kinking either. You're half-way done :)

Go back to the rear heater T. Disconnect the old hose that went over the tranny and pull it out. connect the remainder of your 5/8 heater hose to this T and run it straight back along the radiator pipes/hoses. Under the new coolant reservoir, there is another smaller hose with a barb on the end of it. cut your 5/8 hose to the correct length and connect it to this barb. You're Done! :)

The reason I did mine this way was that it eliminated a splice (and therefore a possible leak point), and it used new hose instead of 10-15 year old hoses. If you have any questions, Or if I've thoroughly confused you, feel free to e-mail me again.