Preliminary Dyno Numbers


All these dyno runs were done at Eurosport Tuning in Anaheim. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I have an automatic transmission, we weren't able to get accurate full throttle readings below around 3300RPM due to the transmission upshifting into 3rd. Based on these charts and ignoring the spike at the beginning of the chart, I'd have to say the peak torque is between 105 and 107 ft/lbs. With the numbers I've got here, and figuring 25% power loss due to the transmission and accessories, This motor seems to pretty closely match the claimed 118 crank HP and 132 ft/lbs crank torque.

Average wheel HP - 87.5, Average wheel torque - 106 ft/lbs (est.)

Best run wheel HP - 88.2, Best run wheel torque - 106.7 ft/lbs (est.)