White Faced Gauge Overlays


I felt that the installation of these gauge overlays was pretty straight forward. Just dismantle the dash cluster and stick them on. If you'd like more involved instructions the closest I can give you is the install instructions for a Golf/Jetta II. They can be found here. Just a little note, I use Testors (r) orange model paint to change the needle color.

If you would like a set for your van, please contact Jef at 4130 Products (NOTE... he currently only has overlays for the later model Vanagons with tach). When you contact him make sure to specify whether you want the overlays to have the stock 6k RPM tach markings or the 7k RPM Golf tach markings (for those of you who have installed the 7k RPM tach due to an engine swap). Here is what the final product looks like in my van (or at least in my dash cluster).