Front Speakers, View 1


Below is one of my 5 1/4" front door speakers. Due to the fact that the stock Pioneer grill was too thick to let the door close (the forward part of the speaker grill would make contact with the end of the dash), I had to use this custom grill. Also, I had to replace the window cranks because the stock ones hit the edge of the speaker grill. I purchased these cranks from Pep Boys for less than $20. The only modification I had to make to the new cranks was a longer screw through the center of the crank (visible below) to let it go through the new crank into the stock crank gear so the new cranks wouldn't fall off (VW, in all their wisdom, didn't make the window crank gear long enough to really let the new crank handles grab it).

I'll have a full write-up of the replacement crank handles up here soon to fully explain the operation.