Carat/Wolfsburg Interior



This is the interior from the higher trim line V'gon that includes a table that folds out of the wall of the van, a rear-facing jumpseat behind the driver's seat, and a rear bench that folds down into a bed. Thanks to Vanagon Listmember Mark Drillock for providing me with these wonderful interior bits! 

The carpet that I used in the rear passenger cabin came from my local OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) for something on the order of $6 a foot. It came off a roll that was 6' wide, so a 6' x 7' piece of carpet cost me about $42 dollars. If you notice, I also covered the rear bench lower panel with this carpet as well. My rear seat heater started leaking a few months ago, so I simply yanked it out because I never used it anyway (plus I live in Southern California, so heat is a little less of an issue than if I lived in, say, Minnesota). I took the Wolfy lower bench panel, covered the hole that the rear heater output duct used, and simply carpeted the whole panel. On a side note, this carpet was very easy to work with (i.e. cutting to fit the floor area and rear bench lower panel).

NOTE: If you want to do this upgrade and have a 7 passenger van that already has the folding rear bench/bed, you will need to replace it with one from the donor van because the bench/bed is about 3" narrower in the Wolfy due to the slightly more intrusive side panels.