My Bus Mods

Here is a list of modifications I've made to my van.


TiiCo Engine Conversion Info abandonned due to Cal SMOG issues.

1.8T Swap Info abandonned due to complexity issues.

ABA Swap info - Third time's the charm (hopefully!)



ICE (In Car Entertainment) - I need something to keep me calm on those long commutes, and the stock radio just wasn't cutting it. Most of the pics are posted, and I'll have more complete descriptions posted in the next couple of days.

Cup holders - Not those ones you get from K-mart that only hold 12oz soda cans! These are high quality German ones that will handle everything except those super-tanker cups the fast food joints offer as their biggest size.

Carat/Wolfy (Wolfsburg) Interior- For those (like me) who like to be able to have a picnic wherever they park.

Auxiliary Battery - I have installed an Optima Yellow Top to take care of my auxiliary power needs.

7000 RPM Tach install - How I replaced my stock 6k RPM tach with a higher reading unit for my TiiCo motor.

Custom white faced gauge overlays - I liked the white faced gauges in my Jetta Trek, so I had some made for my van.